Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Just Stopped in to Say Hello

Hi, good morning all. Just stopped in to say hello.I'm off to yoga with a fabulous teacher.
I was so happy the other day I finally listed a couple of new items in my soap shop www.sudsysuesoap.etsy.com and was pleasantly surprised to have sold and item the next day. This only encourages me.

Have a great day. Peace and Love. Namaste!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Spirituality, Soap and what more can you ask for?

So, it's been such a long time since I've written on my blog that I probably have too much to say.

I'm still dedicated to my yoga practice and particularly love the spiritual side of it as well as the asanas (poses)..See, I'm starting to sound like a yogini!!! Ha..... I do the best that I can but sometimes have difficulty keeping up. Sore wrists, oh,,, and sore every else. Is this what happens in your 50's???

The news is that I had a very lucrative winter which kept me rather busy (and out of trouble) with esthetics, jewelry and soap. I was really surprised at how many customers I had for facials and waxing. I guess that it doesn't hurt to let people in on what you do!

The jewelry was alright, I made a few custom pieces and although I am an enamelist swarovski crystals seem to be very popular right now. Is this a phase???????????

Soap is a blast and now.....tada........I will finally attempt to make some cold process from scratch and be able to offer an even better, greener and more natural product. Although I buy from some very credible companies with good quality I'll personally be proud to do my part for the ecology.

Talking about the ecology, what about the oil spill near the panhandle?? It brings tears to my eyes when I see the devastation to nature especially the wild inhabitants. One of my biggest fears is that the oil heads on down to south-east florida where I reside.

Well, I think that you all have had enough of me today so I'll let you know how the soap turns out. I can't wait.

Peace, love and namaste!!!!!! Have a great day!!