Friday, September 18, 2009

Dogs day

Well, I haven't posted for a while because I guess there's nothing new to say. Today I did 1+1/2 hours of yoga followed by 1 hour of powerflex. My husband laughingly often says "off to work dear?" I do love to go to gym at least 5 days per week and even though it's good physically, it's also very good for my psych. I socialize at the gym as well.

Today was the day that I decide to groom my yorkie "Maestro" . He is such a handful that I had to learn how to groom him myself because the professionals couldn't deal with him and I refused to drug him before. I bought him 8 years ago in a petshop after saving a tremendous amount of money and I had always dreamed of having a yorkie. I never had a puppy before having always bought from the spca and I didn't realize for a couple of months that he wasn't normal. The petshop offered to euthanize him and either replace or refund me but I was up to the challenge and eight years later I have learned to cope. He could be compared to an autistic child and will always remain about 3-4 months mentally. But, I love him and he is very affectionate.

Have you tried to find Waldo? It really is a lot of fun, free and you could win a free pair of gorgeous earrings. Give it a try!!! Good luck!

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