Saturday, July 3, 2010

Over The Hill/Happy 4th of July

What happens when you hit fifty? I always told myself that it was just a number and wouldn't change anything in my life. What a rude awakening! I do feel it. I hate it. My body won't let me do some of the things it used to do. Is this for real? I'm slowly starting to accept and deal with the changes although I find it hard. Thank god for yoga helping me stay sane (if you can call me sane). Okay, breath, breath!

I finally received my shipment of oils etc. to make my first batch of soap. I just have a couple more items to get and I'll be off to the races. I guess that I'm what you could call "a procrastinater" it should be my middle name.

We were out walking the dogs this morning and it was only 7:30 and already so hot and muggy. This is when I miss Montreal.

Last but not least HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY ALL!!! I'm going to be doing some singing and deejaying at a small party(bbq). Hope you all have a great day. Let's celebrate our independance!!

Peace and Love. Namaste!!

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