Monday, June 22, 2009

guilds etc

I went to yoga this morning at 8:00 and it was a really tough class. Anyway, I wanted to talk about the fact that I haven't posted for a while. That's because I joined a few different guilds on Artfire and am trying to keep up with the requirements of each guild. I never thought I would do anything like this but I am starting to really enjoy the challenge. One of the reasons that it is so challenging for me is that I've never really done much on a computor. I have to say that since I've joined Artfire I have gained so much knowledge that I almost impress myself. This blog is a good example. There are so many talented people and artists it's incredible. I would like to take my hat off to all the guild leaders. Wow, what imagination and I can only imagine the work that goes into everything they do. And, it's all to help us promote each other. All I can say is thank god for the guilds and the incentive they are giving me!!! Well, I'm off to the forums to try and keep up!!! Have a great day.

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