Wednesday, July 8, 2009

It's been awhile

It sure seems like a long time since I posted anything but I've been really busy preparing for a couple of constests.
1: AJDJSS has a contest starting soon called the Garden and I wanted to enter so that's done.
2: The guild with less than 5 sales is running the "Waldo" contest and I have entered that as well.
3: Christmas in July starts on artfire July 15th and runs to the 26th. I have created a special category called of course "Christmas in July" and will be discounting everything there 25%.

Yoga was tough this morning but a great way to start the day. It's been unbareably hot recently and I hope it rains. Believe it or not, I find the rain inspiring and this is when I feel at my most creative.

I think the guilds on Artfire are a good inspiration because sometimes when I seem to be in a rut one of the contests gives me some direction to creativity.

I have to say that I have been a little disappointed with Etsy because although I have contacted a couple of guilds (more than once) I have yet to be contacted. I guess they are too busy or too full. I really wanted to promote there as well.

As I said before it is hot, hot hot, and I feel like cutting all my hair off. I look like a throwback from the seventies with my long hippiesh hair. It's my way of defying society. Haven't we all heard, "At your age isn't it time to cut off your hair?" No way, so I will swelter and besides I don't think it would suit me. Kind of destroy my image!! (Which is all in my own mind anyway!)

All I can say is god bless my girlfriends at the gym who call me the baby even though I hit the BIG 50 in March. No offense intended to those over 50!!!!!!! Go with the flow is my motto!!

I wish everyone peace and love today. Namaste!!


  1. We all have our own distinct self image, we know what works for us and what doesn't and what we feel comfortable try and change this is like rubbing a cat the wrong way. So you're right on about going with the flow. ,)
    I once was given a hair style that was so avant garde (the stylist studied under Vidal Sassoon and had he's own strange ideas)that I was embarrassed to leave the salon. But I had to get home, so many people turn to stare at me as I walked through the mall I finally wrapped my sweater around my head. Can't begin to describe how weir it was (like something out of a horror movie, "The Bride of Frankenstein") it was just horrid on me. First thing I did when I got home was wash my hair and restyle it...took a few months for it to grow out where I could have it recut properly ! =O

  2. Almost precious you are so funny. Don't get me started on what my aunt used to do to my hair. I was her guinea pig an have even been called miss birds nest.