Saturday, July 18, 2009

My babies

These are a couple of pictures of my babies. Maestro, the yorkshire terrior also known as "devil dog" as if you couldn't tell. Chanel my maltese terrior also known as "the princess". They keep my husband and I very busy. Chanel loves to stay in air conditioning and can always be found on a cushion or doggie bead. Maestro thinks he is a pitbull and is always outside and loves to roll in dirt or terrorize my mother's german shephard who is scared to death of him. Maestro is the leader of the pack. This includes my husband Serge and myself.

To change subjects, it's another extremely warm day in south florida and the sun is shining. I went ot the gym and took a spin class and now am working on a couple of enamel projects that I hope to be able to display this week. Well, I'm off to work.

Peace and love everyone!!!!!


  1. Your fuzzy children are adorable! I always find it funny when the little dogs bully the larger ones. Great blog!

  2. Thanks so much Joy De vivre Design. I love comments. He is a real bully!!