Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I'm off to the gym. I want to lift some weight, pump that iron before my spin class. Yesterday I took my regular ashtanga yoga 1+1/2 class and I can sure feel it today.
I listed a few new enamels and some wirewrap this weekend so I feel that I've accomplished something. I gave in and enameled in the heat.
I've started a new hobby, soapmaking. Right now I've just bought some good melt and pour from Brambleberry but I'm working up the nerve to try and make some from scratch. It's a lot of fun and being an aromatherapist I have tons of essential oils that can be used in the process. I like the fact of making my own soap from scratch and it being natural and beneficial to my skin. I bought some molds and have already given away some really nice soap. I even made some buddha soap!! I did grow and dry my own herbs that I've used in some of the soap. ex. lavender,rosemary,thyme umm they smell sooo good.
The point is that I'm really tired of all the chemicals that surround us and anything that I can contribute to make my planet greener I'm game for
May peace and love sit in your heart today. Namaste!

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