Saturday, October 31, 2009

No conclusion Etsy Artfire

Do you have a favorite place? I'm still on both etsy and artfire and can't decide where to stay. Some people tell me that it's better to have more than one site but I might be one of those individuals who does better with one shop to concentrate on.
I like things about both. It does seem that etsy is starting to go down the tubes. The share your item function has been removed and here's artfire adding new tools to help the sellers. Things aren't looking up.
To change the subject, I did manage to make a few new enameled pieces this week. I had been putting it off and waiting for cooler weather but that isn't in the near future with record breaking highs in south florida. I enamel outside and with the hot kiln and temperatures, whew!! We had a couple of cooler days a few weeks ago and boy, did that feel good. I see from my coments that some fellow floridians were also enjoying the very brief reprieve from the oppressive heat.
I've been pretty dedicated to my yoga practice and feel the difference in my life. Yoga's not only about the physical but the spiritual and I must say that we have a very gifted and caring yoga teacher. I feel blessed to have her.
As for the guilds, I don't know which ones I'm going to stay on. Another choice. It seems that there isn't a lot of participation on some of them and I don't want to be the patsie for others. I feel that I would like to support other artists when I really appreciate their work and not because it's their turn on the list!
Well, I guess that's enough blah, blah for one day!
Peace, love and Namaste to all!!

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