Monday, October 19, 2009

Yes.... Finally, cooler weather

I can't believe that we are finally having a cold front in south florida. It was an excruciatingly hot summer. I know that this beautiful weather probably won't last but I sure intend to enjoy it while it's here. Can you believe that we went from 95 degrees to 53 degrees all in the space of 24 hours? That's a 40 degree difference!!! Wow!!

Oops, almost forgot about Waldo. This month it's really worth playing because each paticipating member of the artfire shops with less that 10 sales is donating a percentage or amount to their foundation of choice. Personally I'm donating $2 from any sales that I have this month to the breast cancer research. My mom just finished her treatments and is a survivor so I think it's a great cause. Playing the Waldo game is free and you win a great prize.
Please check it out here!! and good luck!

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  1. We're enjoying the cooler weather too here in Northeast Florida.