Saturday, August 28, 2010

2nd day of pre-cleanse

Here I am again. Time for an update. This is my 2nd day of pre-cleanse and I'm feeling pretty good. On the 1st day I had a shake in the morning, a shake for lunch and a nice supper. I was a little jittery but nothing major. I talked to my coach and she said my sugar probably dropped and to eat an apple next time. So, today I woke up in good spirits, not very hungry, but in a bit of pain in my intestines. This is not because of the cleanse but an existing problem and part of the reason for the cleanse. I had a great day, shake, meal, shake and water, water,....! I shall forge ahead nevertheless and am quite anticipating my first real cleanse day tomorrow. It's going to be a bit more rough. No food, no shakes. Just the liquid cleanse, the meal snacks that are part of the program and 6 almonds. Yes, 6 almonds, I kid you not. Wish me luck because I think that I might be needing some. This will last for 2 days and then it's back to 5 days of shakes and 1 meal and 2 more "cleanse" days.
P.S. I bought a trampoline thinking that might shake things up, if you know what I mean.
Have a fantastic day full of peace and love.
Wait, another little P.S. It's my mother's 70th birthday tomorrow and we're having her for supper. I mean my husband and my mother will be eating steak on the BBQ and I'll have.......a lots of water!!!!!!! Namaste!

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