Sunday, August 29, 2010

It's not a breeze

Here I am. I just had my supper, AKA, 4 ounces of liquid cleanse, one snack and you guessed it, water. Oh, by the way, my husband and mother are now sitting at the supper table eating, T-bone steak, baked potatoe, cauliflower and a salad. Wait, I have to wipe the drool before I continue.
I had a few minor symptoms but nothing terrible. A very slight headache which I got rid of with peppermint oil. A bit of nauseau ( I drank too much water and it was floating in my stomach) A couple slices of apple cured that. A bit of nerves and lightheadedness but nothing that I can't handle. All in all I'm going through periods of fatique and euphoria. One more day of deep cleansing to go and then I'll be back on the 2 shakes and 1 meal for 5 days and 2 final deep cleanse days. Those shakes would taste awful good right now.
Thanks for following my journey. Hope that you had a wonderfull Sunday.
Peace and Love!

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