Monday, August 31, 2009

Buddha and My Pendant

Buddha decided to wear my pendant today!! I just finished this piece.
The sun is shining and it's another beautiful day in south Florida. We've had a really hot summer but some of my friends up north in Montreal and Toronto etc, didn't have great weather. I sort of feel bad for them when I start to write on facebook or my blog and I always say, "Good Morning sunshine".
I'm waiting on an order today from Monsterslayer. I bought different types of sterling wire for a few projects that I have in mind. Namely, I started making some wirewrapped rings but I want to go a step further and make the actual ring out of copper or silver enamel and then wrap it. That"ll be putting my own spin on things.
OKAY, I've turned into a shameless self promoter. My pride has completely deserted me. What's wrong with me. I'm not competitive!! RIGHT! I entered a contest on the artfire artisan jewelry guild and can't stop promoting MYSELF!!!!!! Help!
So don't be shy,give a little vote for my copper enameled scottie earrings at I will really appreciate it!!!
Thanks from a shameless self-promoter.
Oh, and have a great day. Peace and love. Namaste!


  1. Hello fellow Canadian, I saw you on and AF forum thread and decided to pay you a visit.
    Blogging can be addictive...great job with yours...and nice jewelery.

  2. Always nice to hear from a fellow Canadian. Thanks for the comment. Will be over to see your blog!

  3. Beautiful pendant ,so sunny and happy.Buddha looks happy wearing it.