Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My new next door neighbor

So, how else to put this? My mother decided to buy the house next door. Some people think this isn't such a good thing but I'm sort of undecided. I keep having flashes of the program "Everybody loves Raymond". Only time will tell!

I listed a few new items on etsy and artfire. This is another thing I haven't decided about. I would like to concentrate on one venue but, time will tell. Some items are really active on etsy and some on artfire. Everytime I think I've decided something changes.

Yoga was awesome today. Very tough class but keeps me sane. I still think I should have been an amazon warrior. It doesn't matter that I'm only 5"2" I feel taller! Maybe the amazons were pygmies anyways. I love lifting weights, spin class, yoga, pilates, trampoline class, step class.
Hello? My weight doesn't seem to change much. I remember the ladies saying, "Just wait dear, you'll gain weight like we did and have trouble losing it" and me thinking yeah right! Oh well.

Its all good. Have a great day! Namaste, peace and love. That's whats important!

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