Tuesday, August 11, 2009

If you thought that was bad!

Hi it's wonder woman again! Just joking. I wish I were. So, if you thought yoga was bad, today was my 1 hour urban rebounding class. Yes, trampoline for an hour. Usually I prefer spinning but there weren't any bikes left.

Have you heard the saying? If you're so smart how come you're poor?
We can apply this in this case and just change some of the words.
If you're so active why are you so fat!

I'm anxiously waiting for my supplies from Fire Mountain and Thompson Enamels. I always get so excited when I'm waiting for new things. It's more exciting than Christmas and the anticipation is killing me. As if I don't have enough things hanging around to work with.

P.S. Yoga is great for your moral as well as your physic. Don't be afraid to try it and go at your own pace!!! Namaste, peace and love all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. HHAHAA! Yep! Trampoline- wheee! you go gurl !!!
    As for the weight thing, ewwh! That's the challenge huh? Tell me about it!!! I've even been to AFRICA and eating practically nothing-LOL-last summer for a couple weeks! The extra weight hasn't fallen off yet! A good way to wear yourself out though!!! (heavy workouts) HAHAH-lol

  2. You are superwoman! A trampoline for an hour would kill me. I love all of your creations, they're absolutely beautiful.